Dear members and aspiring members of Marum Bibio,

In this section we will explain what Promopolitan is and what they can possibly offer you. Let's start with a brief introduction; In short, Promopolitan is an employment agency, they try to offer as varied and fun work as possible. The different branches in which Promopolitan is located are: Catering, Housekeeping, Promotion and Sampling, Hosting and Hostesses, Chauffeur Services and Retail. In addition, they occasionally also have a suitable starter job aimed at the direction in which you graduated.

The owners of Promopolitan also have a history at Hogeschool Zeeland and a number of years of Vlissingen hospitality experience. Promopolitan was founded in 2010 and has been around for ten years now! In recent years they have undergone considerable growth in terms of professionalism in structure and appearance, the site is completely up-to-date and an app is emerging. In addition, they always try to develop further and to keep up with the current times.

At Promopolitan you work on a call-up basis. So you can always choose whether or not you want to work somewhere. For every hour worked by a member of your association, they pay a fee to the association fund. In addition, you can also earn money yourself by registering a friend with us as a new employee. If this friend then works 40 hours for Promopolitan, you will receive a voucher of € 50. If you are already interested, please feel free to contact us for the full story, this can be done via: Tel. 0118-414026, Mail, Whatsapp +31628336575, Instagram, facebook. Maar je kunt ze ook gewoon aanspreken in de kroeg of op één van de welbefaamde Marum feestjes.

Feel free to drop by for a chat or introductory meeting at the office in the Beursstraat 41 sous. They provide a delicious cup of coffee and so by the weekend for a freshly tapped  Promopolitan beer. Just as they are welcome in the Bottle with us, so are we at Promopolitan in the office.