Within Marum Bibio we have several active committees. These committees are the helping hands for the board. Each committee has its own task to make life within the association as active and fun as possible. The committees are filled with countless of our active members, making sure that Marum Bibio is not only there for the members, but is also there by the members.

A few of these committees are temporary, which means that you will be on the committee for a few months to organize an event. Other committees are active all year round and therefore meet on a regular basis with the necessary refreshments. When you join a committee you work a little harder than the other members, but you get a lot in return in the form of fun and life skills. This way, there is a committee for everyone that suits your time schedule and talents!

Would you like committee life? Approach the board or the relevant committee head.

The Festivities Committee

The Festivities Committee is a group of members who together organize all parties and events. Every month on a Thursday there is a theme party where we fill our regular pub, the Friends of Vlissingen, with theme-related drinks, decorations, music and promotions. There is also an event every month especially for our members on Tuesday. These are very diverse, so there is always an event that makes you enthusiastic as a member. From Schuren in de Schuur to Berend Botje, from Beer Investments to Cantus, we meet every week to ensure that the next party or event becomes an unforgettable memory for later.

The Soos Committee

The club committee consists of a number of members who together ensure that you can enjoy a drink or a game in our club 5 days a week. They keep things clean, fill the fridges, ensure that you can roll money and tap the most beautiful golden rascals. Every month a theme party is organized by the committee, the so-called soos party. Themes range from tennis jerseys and ball boys to the 11th of the 11th or the well-known, legendary baco party. Above all, these members are one team together, they see each other at least once a week, organize a lot, communicate almost daily and can regularly be found in the club, both behind and in front of the bar. Because of this they make a lot of contacts within the association and thus contribute to the fact that Marum Bibio is a large group of friends where everyone can find their own place.

The Gala Committee

The Christmas gala is organized in Vlissingen once a year. Every year a fun and new theme is devised, the best bands and DJs are selected and the most beautiful location is chosen. Every student at HZ University of Applied Sciences is welcome! Because this is such a big party, a committee is formed together with the other Vlissingen student associations: Aqua ad Vinum and FISA.

The AID Committee

AID is the abbreviation that HZ uses for the General Introduction Day. All first-year students can register to get to know each other and the student associations at the bellamypark in Vlissingen. A number of members of Marum Bibio and Aqua ad Vinum organize this day full of activities in a few months. Through various games and activities you get to know each other, with us, our sponsors, our local bars, our societies and the bellamy park. There you will find all the entertainment and dining options that you will certainly want to use during your student days. You will be guided by multi-year members of the student associations and they will ensure that you have a nice day. The AID committee makes all preparations, oversees all of this and therefore ensures that everything runs smoothly that day.

The Communication Committee

The communication committee has a number of important tasks within the association. They maintain contact with current sponsors, search for new sponsors and manage the social media channels. Many different interests and talents are needed within this committee. For example, we can always use students who are good at communicating with sponsors or who are good at making nice Instagram and Facebook posts. There are also members who are enthusiastic about the use of Photoshop or who would like to learn it. Together we create the most beautiful posters for the parties, overview posters and the poster that makes the most active member of the month shine. In short, within this committee we are creative and always looking for new and original ideas in the field of sponsorship and promotion!

The Sticker Committee

The sticker committee has been set up to keep the members of Marum Bibio active in a fun and authentic way. We do this by means of the "Find the sticker game", where we hide a sticker every week that can be found by one of the members. Of course, some hints are given to make the search impossible! Do you like the sticker? Then you will receive 5 consumption vouchers to use in our Society the Bottle.

The Intro Camp Committee

To welcome the new students to HZ every year and within student life, an introduction camp is organized. This camp is all about organizing the best activities and parties for 3 days in order to introduce everyone to the fun of our beloved association. The Intro Camp Committee is not only there to set up the camp location, tents and other supplies, but also to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the camp, together with the supervisors. In this way they ensure that every year new members, current members and old members have the time of their lives during this camp.

The Sunset Committee

The coolest party that Marum Bibio organizes every year is the Sunset Cruise. This is a party with a clear dress code, namely cocktail dresses and suits, with a very special location. The party is on a boat during, you guessed it, sunset. This beautiful party cannot exist without a motivated and active committee that arranges all drinks and the boat and prepares the best acts for the visitors. On the evening itself, the committee also ensures that everything goes according to plan and that everyone on board can have the best party ever.