In the past, practically every study program at the HZ University had its own student association, all Economic departments were represented within 'Cineadus', the Education department within 't Vloei' and the Nautical department was represented by 'Mirfisto' association.
In fact, student life was so rich that most associations even had their own fraternity! In Mirfisto's case, this was 'Marum Bibio', founded out of dissatisfaction with the high beer price.

At one point, the Dutch government decided to introduce the performance grant and forced the associations to merge. For example, Cineadus, Mirfisto and independent association called Mort Subite went together as"Aqua ad Vinum". Marum Bibio happily moved along as a fraternity from Aqua ad Vinum.
Now Marum Bibio a dispute of Aqua ad Vinum changed a lot. Because the board of Marum Bibio and the board of Aqua ad Vinum had different visions concerning the parties and events, Marum Bibio decided to organize them independently under their own name.

This turned out to be so successful that in no time the fraternity Marum Bibio had more members than her mother association Aqua ad Vinum. Marum Bibio's intro camp was also a success and brought many new members. Since the creation of Marum Bibio, the association always had well over 100 attendees and as the numbers rose, the fraternity became a student association in April 2005.

From then on things went fast: Marum Bibio continued to grow, with bigger theme parties and crazy events all year long while the beer prices were kept low. For example, during the Beachparty which is organised midwinter you can dip inside a warm jacuzzi and drink your beers in a bar filled with sand. Ofcourse we cannot forget our famous Sunset Cruise, were we set sail on an amazing cruise boat. A night you will not forget!

Our society has known different locations in recent years. In 2020, on our 15th anniversary, we moved with our favorite pub now called the VVV. Every night our society is filled with students eager to chat, drink and party all night long.

All in all, Marum Bibio had never sat still and is definetly not going to!